Accelerated Reader

Teachers use Accelerated Reader to evaluate a student's reading level and comprehension.  Their findings help students to choose books that are within a comfortable range for their reading skills.  Click on the AR Book Finder link to find out more information about the book your child is reading including the AR level.

The Accelerated Reader link will allow you to log into your child's AR account to check on their AR test scores.

    I am very excited to announce this year’s AR incentives.
AR CHALLENGE – The class in the grade level that has the most AR points at the end of the six weeks with an 80% or higher average will win the AR Challenge.  That winning class earns a movie and popcorn party!!

100 POINT CLUB, 200 POINT CLUB and beyond – All students who earn at least 100 AR Points this school year will have their pictures placed on the AR Hall of Fame.   They also will receive an AR Point Club t-shirt and an invitation to the AR Point Club party at the end of the year. 

AR RECORD HOLDERS – The 3 students with the highest overall AR Points by the end of the year will be the first ever AR Record Holders.  Their Picture and Points will be displayed in the library until their AR record is broken. 

Please encourage your child to continue reading even after they have met their AR Goal.  This will help them become AR Point Club members.

The Library is open after school until 3:30 for parents to bring students in for book checkout and AR testing.

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