The first school located in the current Tuloso-Midway area began as a school house on a one acre of donated land in 1887.  Mr. Murdock, the school’s first teacher, operated on a six month term for nine students. 

In 1914 the first Midway school was located on the east side of I-37 on Turkey Creek across from Guth Park.   In the 1920’s the school was moved to the south side of UpRiver Road between what is now McKinzie and Carbon Plant Road.  The school was located across from the Charles McKinzie’s store. 

The Tuloso School was located on the south side of UpRiver Road east of Suntide Road.

By 1938, the communities of Tuloso and Midway combined to form the Tuloso-Midway District. The Tulso-Midway school was operated on the site of the Tuloso School east of Suntide Road.  During the 1940’s construction began for the school’s located on Tuloso Road with the old Tuloso School building being moved behind the new school site to house the teachers.   In 1947, the Tuloso-Midway Independent School District came into being.  TMISD had its first graduating class of five students in 1949. 

In 1949, the buildings in the district were located on Tuloso Road.  There was an Elementary School building, High School building, Cafeteria and Gymnasium.  The High School building housed middle school and high school grades as well as the Administration offices.

In June of 1969, the Clarkwood Independent School District and Violet Common School District were consolidated with Tuloso-Midway ISD forming the Tuloso-Midway Consolidated Independent School District.  The Board of Trustees returned to the name Tuloso-Midway Independent School District one year later in 1970.  At that time Tuloso-Midway was comprised of one elementary school located in Clarkwood with approximately 130 students, another elementary school located on Tuloso Road with approximately 630 students. The Tuloso-Midway Elementary School and the Tuloso-Midway Middle School utilized the old high school building on Tuloso Road with approximately 750 students and the Tuloso-Midway High School was located on LaBranch with approximately 750 students enrolled.

1984 - The Tuloso-Midway Intermediate School moved into the old Middle School building from the old elementary school building on Tuloso Road in 1984 when the new high school was completed on McKinzie and the middle school moved to the old high school campus on LaBranch. 

The Primary School was located in the original high school building on Tuloso Road.  In 1993 the district added on to that building.

TMHS Rand Morgan High School 1985