Healthcare Therapeutic - Dental Assistant

The Healthcare Diagnostics program of study introduces students to occupations and education opportunities related to performing complex medical laboratory tests for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. This program of study may also include exploration into the opportunities associated with blood laboratories as well as radiologic technology and ultrasound technology.

Course Information

Courses below are not tied to grade levels.  Not all courses have a required prerequisite. 

Certifications Offered

  • CPR
  • Dental Assistant License

The Health Science Career Cluster focuses on planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, diagnostics services, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development. To pursue a career in the health science industry, students should learn to reason, think critically, make decisions, solve problems, communicate effectively, and work well with others.

Meets the requirements of the Business and Industry endorsement or STEM endorsement (if math/ science requirements are met).


Level 1

Introduction to DentalALL YEARCredit: 1
Grade: 9 - 12

Level 2

Health Science TheoryALL YEARCredit: 1
Grade: 10-12

Level 3

Anatomy & PhysiologyALL YEARCredit: 1
Grade: 11 - 12

Level 4

Practicum in Health Science – Dental AssistantALL YEARCredit: 2
Grade: 11-12