Emergency Management Procedures


Tuloso-Midway schools have many event plans in place for crisis situations and emergencies. Each month, our schools have a fire drill where the students practice exiting the building. We are able to evacuate everyone in the building in just a few minutes. In addition, the following plans are in place and several are routinely practiced throughout the year to ensure all are familiar with the plans and procedures:

1. Fire Drills
2. Evacuation Drill
3. Death of a Student/Staff Member
4. Bomb Threats
5. Intruder in the Building
6. Medical Problems/Serious Injury
7. Building Emergency (one which necessitates holding all children in their classrooms)

Our plans go into effect anytime that an emergency situation impacts on the school district and/or its facilities. It is the responsibility of the administration and staff to carry out the steps outlined within this plans. In the event that a situation occurs which has not been covered, common sense and good judgment are utilized by staff members when responding to the situation. Tuloso-Midway Schools are dedicated to providing for the needs of all students and staff during a time of emergency. These plans have been written as a major effort to provide for the safety and welfare of all students and staff.

Each campus has a Crisis Response Team (CRT). The Crisis Response Team meets at least two times throughout the year to review plans and procedures. They may also meet during the summer months to plan the drills for the upcoming year.

Each teacher, within their classroom, has an emergency response packet. Included is their class roster, guidelines, event plans, and cards to indicate whether all are present.

In the event of a major emergency, some guidelines are suggested for parents:

  1. Do not call the school. In some cases, we may not be able to answer the phone, and need to keep phone lines open for emergency personnel.
  2. Do not visit the school. It is possible that there may be a danger to you. It is also possible that our school may be in lock-down mode, depending on the situation, and we cannot release students.
  3. Please be listening to your local TV and radio stations for emergency information. We will give them information to pass on to parents and guardians. When it is safe, we will use our telephone messaging system to inform you of the situation and what steps will be necessary.
  4. In the event of an evacuation, students will be relocated to an alternate location and you will be notified. If we need to dismiss from there, parents will need to present identification to pick up their children. Please bring some form of identification with you if this occurs.
  5. Stay calm. We will do everything we can to ensure all of our students are safe.