Plant Science - Plant & Soil Science

The Plant Science program of study focuses on the science, research, and business of plants and other living organisms. It teaches students how to apply biology and life science to real-world life processes of plants and vegetation, either in laboratories or in the field.

This program of study is broken down into two concentrations: Floral Design and Plant & Soil Science, however, courses can overlap to achieve this endorsement.

Course Information

Courses below are not tied to grade levels.  Not all courses have a required prerequisite. 

Certifications Offered

  • Boaters Education Certification
  • Hunter Education Certification
  • OSHA 30 HR

The Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) Career Cluster focuses on the essential elements of life - food, water, land, and air. This career cluster includes a diverse spectrum of occupations, ranging from farmer, rancher, and veterinarian to geologist, land conservationist, and florist. It also includes non-traditional agricultural occupations like wind energy, solar energy, and oil and gas production.

Meets the requirements of the Business and Industry endorsement or STEM endorsement (if math/ science requirements are met).


Level 1

Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural ResourcesALL YEARCredit: 1
Grade: 9 - 12

Level 2

Landscape DesignSEMESTERCredit: 0.5
Grade: 10-12

Turf Grass ManagementEMESTERCredit: 0.5
Grade: 10-12

Level 3

Horticulture ScienceALL YEARCredit: 1
Grade: 10-12

Level 4

Advanced Plant & Soil ScienceALL YEARCredit: 1
Grade: 11-12