Required Postings


Administration and School Contact Information  (Texas Local Government Code § 140.008(f)(2))

Archived School Board Meeting Recordings  (Texas Government Code § 551.056)

Board of Trustees Information

Board Meeting Public Comment Sign Up Form (Government Code 552.235)

District and Board Policies

District Map (2051.101 (1))


Employment Opportunities  (Texas Education Code § 11.1513(d) and (e))

Group Health Coverage & Plan  (Texas Education Code § 22.004(d))

Minimum Personal Leave Program  (Texas Education Code § 22.003(c-1)

Notice of School Board Agenda  (Texas Government Code § 551.056)

School Districts Employment Practices  (Texas Education Code § 21.204(d))

Superintendent Contract

Title IX Compliance Notice (34 C.F.R. Part 106.8)

Tuloso Midway Non Discrimination Statement & Title IX Coordinator   (34 CFR 106.45(b)(10)(i)9D)

Unauthorized Persons:  Refusal of Entry, Ejection, Identification (Texas Education Code § 37.105)









Academic Testing Dates

Campus Behavior Coordinators

Child Find

College Credit Programs  (Texas Education Code § 28.010)

CCMR Board Goal Report (House Bill 3 (HB 3) amends Texas Education Code (TEC) to add Sec. 11.185 and 11.186)

CCMR HB 3 Required Board Outcome Goals ( House Bill 3 (HB 3) amends Texas Education Code (TEC) to add Sec. 11.185 and 11.186 to include plans that target early childhood (EC) literacy and math proficiency and college, career, and military readiness (CCMR). Statement (20 U.S.C. 1412(a)(3))

Distinguished Level of Achievement (DAP)

District Accreditation Status (AIB (Legal))

District Annual Report

District and Campus Improvement Plans

Federal Report Card

       2024 Federal Report Card - English
       2024 Federal Report Card - Spanish

High School Graduation Requirements  (Texas Education Code § 28.02121)

Homeless Qualification & Educational Services  (Texas Educational Code § 33.906)

Notice of Confidential Record Disposal Special Education

School Report Card 

Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP)

Texas Academic Performance Reports

Transition and Employment Guide  (Texas Education Code § 29.0112)




Department of State Health Services Internet Website (Texas Education Code § 38.019)

Guidelines for the Care of Students With Food Allergies At Risk for Anaphylaxis (Education Code 38.0151) 

List of Required and Recommended Immunizations (Texas Education Code § 38.019)

Number of Times the District Health Advisory Committee has met (Texas Education Code § 28.004)  

Procedure for Reporting Bullying  (Texas Education Code § 37.0832(e))



Annual Financial Report  (Texas Local Government Code § 140.008(f)(1))

Adopted Budget  (Texas Education Code § 44.0041)

Chapter 313 Agreements Information  (HB 3676)

Debt Service Transparency  

District Tax Rate

Energy Usage  (Texas Government Code § 2265.001)

Proposed Budget Summary of Proposed Budget  (Texas Education Code § 44.0041)

Steps Required to Adoption of Tax Rate  (§26.05(b) of Property Tax Code)