Marketing & Sales

The Marketing and Sales program of study teaches CTE learners how to collect information to determine potential sales of a product or service and/or create a marketing campaign to market or distribute goods and services. Through this program of study, students will learn the skills necessary to understand and apply data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits.

Course Information

Courses below are not tied to grade levels.  Not all courses have a required prerequisite. 

This Program of Study has upper level courses that require Work-Based Learning. Please speak with your counselor about the requirements and view the Work-Based Learning page. 

Certifications Offered

  • Microsoft Office Specialist – Word
  • Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel
  •  Microsoft Office Specialist – PowerPoint 
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Word Expert

The Business, Marketing, and Finance Career Cluster focuses on careers in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations.

Meets the requirements of the Business and Industry endorsement.


Level 1

Sports & Entertainment Marketing 1SEMESTERCredit: 0.5
Grade: 9 - 10

AdvertisingSEMESTERCredit: 0.5
Grade: 9 - 10

Level 2

MarketingALL YEARCredit: 1
Grade: 10-11

Level 3

Sports & Entertainment Marketing 2SEMESTERCredit: 0.5
Grade: 11 - 12

Social Media MarketingSEMESTERCredit: 0.5
Grade: 11 - 12

Level 4

Career Preparation 1ALL YEARCredit: 2
Grade: 11-12

Practicum in MarketingALL YEARCredit: 2
Grade: 11-12