Work-Based Learning

Work‐Based Learning (WBL) combines the traditional classroom setting with a workplace environment that provides students with opportunities to work in a chosen career path while earning credit toward high school graduation. Students earn credit through the number of contact hours spent in the classroom and on the training site. There are two types of WBL experiences paid and unpaid. Students enrolled in Career Preparation may only participate in paid experiences, while students enrolled in a Practicum course may enroll in either type of work experience dependent upon the campus and/or program offerings. Currently, Tuloso-Midway ISD students enrolled in Practicum courses participate in unpaid experiences only. Vet Tech Practicum & Health Science Practicum have an offsite training facility as part of their program. All other Tuloso-Midway ISD practicum courses are done on campus in a simulated environment.

Classroom teachers collaborate with students to determine the best possible training placements, provide classroom related instruction, and consult with training supervisors regarding student progress. Experienced training supervisors provide instruction on specific job skills and technical requirements and evaluate student performance, which becomes part of the student’s grade for the course.